Smoke Free UCSD

UC San Diego, along with all of the UC campuses, are Smoke and Tobacco-Free. This will contribute to a healthy campus environment for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.


Thank you to those that have assisted in our educational enforcement of the Smokefree policy by reporting locations where smoking is still happening on campus.
We want you to know that we have heard you, and tell you now what we are doing. In the next couple of weeks we will be sending volunteers to those locations to look for evidence of smoking, and also to identify potential places for signage.
We will also form an Enforcement Committee that will consider what enforcement options can be instituted on our campus over a set period of time.
Thank you for your continued support of a healthy campus community.

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UC President Napolitano's 01/09/2014 letter and the systemwide Smoke/Tobacco-Free Policy

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Official UCOP Smoke & Tobacco Free web site

Chancellor Khosla memorandum April 23, 2013

UC San Diego Policy (draft)

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