Enforcement of the tobacco-free policy will be achieved primarily through education, awareness and a spirit of cooperation. It is likely that some students, faculty, staff and others may still be unaware or uniformed about the specifics of the new policy. As a member of the campus community you play a vital role in supporting the policy, educating students, faculty, staff and visitors, and exemplifying social responsibility.

If you see someone using tobacco products:

Be respectful. Listen and have empathy for their situation. Be direct and explain the reason behind the policy: "This is an important policy to the university and it is an expectation that everyone adheres to this policy. The Tobacco-free Campus policy is part of the university's commitment to creating a healthy and sustainable environment for all members of our campus community. Even though this is a new policy, it is important for you to understand that violations to university policy are not acceptable. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated."

Systemwide "AIR" Training: How to Talk with Smokers on Campus

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Posters, brochures and handouts for printing

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